I love Ruggable

I was recently trying to make a decision for purchasing a rug for my kitchen table. I like nice rugs. I really like an antique oriental rug, but…. I also have two small childen and a baby on the way. Oh yeah, and we have two dogs. So, we have a mix of nice rugs and affordable rugs in our house.

I heard of Ruggable through the many Instrgram ads that I have been served over the years. Apparently, I fit whatever demographic they’re trying to reach. They looked nice enough, but they sounded too good to be true. A rug you can wash? I eventually asked a friend of mine who had recently purhcased one. She gave them a rave review so I went for it.

Ruggable’s beautiful boho room. Not mine.

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. We do a lot of living in our kitchen. We eat, cook, craft, color, play games, and more in there every single day. The ruggable rug is super affordable and I love having something under the table that looks nice and I also don’t have to worry about the kids spilling paint or spagetti sauce on it.

10/10 reccomend.

Below is a very real life photo of an average afternoon in my kitchen.

My real life kitchen table and Ruggable purhcase.

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