All-Natural Cleaners

I’ve strictly used all-natural cleaning agents for over a decade. I have loved making my own “vinegar” spray and using baking soda on everything to scrub clean. I have a Grove subscription now, but previously I used a lot of 7th Generation and Mrs. Meyers products as well.

I now have three little boys under the age of five. I wash at least one load of clothes a day, but usually two. We only use cloth napkins (no paper towels). So, even if I skipped a load of clothes, I would still need to wash a small load of napkins and towels.

In the last year my boys have started spending more and more time outdoors. Which is fantastic, but also hard on the laundry. I have started incorporating Tide into our laundry strictly to save the clothes. I tried all of the “natural” cleaning solutions before trying Tide. I haven’t found a natural spot cleaner that saves the clothes the way Tide does. I wanted to. I tried, but Tide won. I don’t use it every time, but for those food, grass, mystery stains – Tide it is.

How cleaning looked at my house before kids.
How cleaning looks at my house after kids.

Are you following GoCleanCo? Is it all-natural? No. Is it satisfying? Yes.

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